Any number of Units registered under one Udyam Registration can apply for subsidy under this Scheme. Each Unit (under one Udyam Registration) will need to apply for Certification separately to avail subsidy/benefits/incentives.

a) MSMEs will be given financial assistance/subsidy for obtaining for a ZED Certification Level.
b) An MSME unit will get subsidy as per the following structure, on the cost of certification:

              i. Micro Enterprises: 80%
              ii. Small Enterprises: 60%
              iii. Medium Enterprises: 50%

Additional Subsidy:

  1. There will be an additional subsidy of 10% for the MSMEs owned by Women/SC/ST Entrepreneurs OR MSMEs in NER/Himalayan/LWE/Island territories/aspirational districts.
  2. In addition to above, there will be an additional subsidy of 5% for MSMEs which are also a part of the SFURTI OR Micro & Small Enterprises - Cluster Development Programme (MSE-CDP) of the Ministry.

MSMEs may opt for upgrading their Certification Level at any point of time before the expiry of validity of their existing ZED Certification. Cost and subsidy will remain the same for the applied Level.

c) A limited-purpose joining reward of Rs. 10,000/- will be offered to each MSME once they take the ZED Pledge which needs to be utilized within a defined time period for the purpose defined as per the following modalities:

  1. This joining reward may be used by an applicant MSME only once while applying for a ZED Certification (Bronze, Silver, Gold).
  2. If the joining reward is used for any Certification, then the cost of the reward will be first deducted from the cost of Certification and then the Subsidy may apply if applicable. For example, if an MSME uses the reward for applying for Bronze Certification, the effective cost to MSME becomes zero, while in case an MSME applies for the Silver or Gold Certification, the reward amount will be adjusted in the Certification Cost and the subsidy will apply on the balance amount as per the type of the MSME (Micro, Small or Medium).
  3. This joining reward will be valid only for 1 year after taking the ZED Pledge.