ZED Certification can be attained on 3 levels after taking the ZED Pledge:

           ZED Pledge

  • Certification Level 1: BRONZE
  • Certification Level 2: SILVER
  • Certification Level 3: GOLD

a) After taking the ZED Pledge, an MSME can apply online for any Certification Level (Bronze, Silver, Gold) and would need to conform to all the requirements of the level applied for, in order to obtain the Certification.

b) Every MSME embarking on the journey of ZED must submit an Undertaking.

c) In case of a non-conformity, the applicant MSME would be given an opportunity to close the non-conformity(ies), in a defined time period, in order to be eligible for the desired level/Certification.

d) The Final ZED Certificate will be issued based upon the findings and recommendation of the Accredited Assessment Agencies.

Ministry of MSME reserves the right to visit & inspect any MSME after Certification, which has availed any subsidy, benefit or incentives under this Scheme.

The process flow and requirement for each level is highlighted in subsequent pages.